Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Son's follow up

Met with radiologist, MRI shows one tumor gone, only some scar tissue from the other! 

Dr proclaimed him NED (no evidence of disease). It's the same as "in remission." Very good news!!  Best bday present to me!


Birthday card from co-workers, "another year just blew by..."  :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


For dessert, as a lark, we dressed in skirts! "Skirts for desserts!"


And a table top xmas tree

More pics

Ham AND turkey!

September 8th

Annual camping weekend!!  Fun and frivolity with friends!

This year's theme was "your favorite dish from Thanksgiving or Christmas."  Decorations were also encouraged!

I wish I knew how to include more than one picture... I'll post another blog just for the pics..

August 25th

Start of a shoulder piece.  Client wanted a shoulder piece to tie into the tribal armband he already had. Did line work for a Japanese style cloud and wind bars. Will complete the shading on Sept 15th...

September 1st

Walk in client, phases of the moon on the back of her fore arm.

August 11th

Husband and wife wanted matching tattoos:  double infinity.

August 5th

Completed the tiger lily tattoo.

August 4th

Walk in client, Hindi quote, "Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone can see it."