Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally! He is home and out of the hospital!  Eyesight has not improved - which may be expected. (The tumor is also near the optical nerve, or sits on it? I've had a hard time remembering anything they tell me! Prolly stress-related.)  His eyesight should improve once the tumors are reduced or gone. 

Next up, results of biopsy (which may not be until next week with the holiday coming - Ah know! sickness doesn't take a day off, why do pathologists?!)  Also, meetings with radiologist, endocrinologist, and maybe chemo-therapist (prolly all next week, too).  His dance card will be full for a while.  Still not out of the woods with Insipidus Diabetes, but it is self-monitored for now, Dr doesn't think it should be a problem.

Based on blood work, he came home with a couple of meds:  thyroxin and coritisol (I think I got those right). Hormones. He may have to take some hormones for the rest of his life.

Anyway, he is happy to be home (and so is his dog!!)  His discharge is bitter-sweet:  I'm relieved he's out of the hospital, but concerned how he'll take the treatments and therapy.  In the end, I'm sure he'll be ok, a little less for wear and tear, but at least he's still here!!

I want to thank everyone for their support and concern for his well-being (and mine).  I'm sure he appreciates it, too!  Thanks, again!! 

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