Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Color on Second Skin

First attempt on Second Skin with color...  Not too happy about it. A little frustrated trying to get the color in and fading correct.  Advisor says its not uncommon, it's much more dense than real skin.  Still have two more practices before I'm ready.  Can't wait! 

Did I mention I have my first client already lined up?  (If he follows through)

My first day on the floor with second skin, another student was tattooing a friend with another friend looking on.  The second friend said he would be my first tattoo!  The other student had tattooed a pack of cigarettes on the side of one leg, now he wants a zippo lighter on the other and said I could do it.  My choice on the style, I had free reign. He said I could put a smiley face on it if I wanted. Immediately, I thought of the blood-stained smiley face from Watchmen!

Can't wait to do this tattoo!!  :-) 

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