Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week two - TWO POUNDS

It has been two weeks (this the start of my third) and I've GAINED two more pounds!!

I followed the diet to the letter, except for having creamer in my coffee while fasting (they said that was cheating, but that is was ok if I didn't over do it).

My meals were mostly:

Breakfast:  two eggs with a slice of cheddar and two strips of bacon (sometimes with one slice of bread as a sandwich)
Morning snack:  cottage cheese with strawberries (and splenda)
Lunch:  usually meat and veggies (maybe a carb, equivalent to a slice of bread)
Afternoon snack:  pork rinds or peanuts (or my morning snack if I missed it)
  --and on the way home during my commute, some cheddar cheese (about 2 oz)
Dinner:  more meat and veggies, or a salad, or chinese food

I started eating at 11am and stopped at 7pm.  The toughest part is waiting until 11am. I filled up on coffee or tea (no sugar).

I had read a couple of reviews of the book and they said they practically lost weight without doing anything!  I guess there's no magic bullet for losing weight, except exercise.  Looks like I'll have to muster the encouragement to get back on track.  My expanding waistline and general lethargy are good motivators!!

I'll give this ONE more try...   I'll continue the diet through this week. Although, I'm taking vacation soon and may have to cheat...  but the following week, it's back on the treadmill, or maybe I'll try one of Men's Health's "Fat-busting" exercises!

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